In 1984, Rick began his professional career in professional sports and emergency medicine and was introduced to the international stage to provide sports medicine care at the Los Angeles Olympiad. Later receiving his invitation to cover the Men’s and Women’s USA Volleyball national teams, and after a string of Olympic victories through the 80s and 90s, Rick administered high-level sports medicine care to the top US Olympians in just about every country you can name. His job was to keep them in play for gold medal competitiveness and succeeded in providing this level of care at the 1988 South Korea Olympiad, 1992 Barcelona Olympiad, and 1996 Atlanta Olympiad. During these years, Rick also focused on popular pro sport tours and special events. WMI Global was formed in 1988 and provided Olympic quality medical care to professional beach volleyball and international sport tours. With the formation of action sports in the late 90s, Rick created a new concept of providing this same caliber of medical care to the extreme sports market at the earliest days of the B3 Games. Major coverage projects emerged with city-wide takeovers and national productions such as the NBC Universal properties: Gravity Games, Gorge Games, and Dew Tours. Decades later, WMI Global has been the elite provider of Risk & Safety, Medical, and land/water Rescue services for large-scale event productions, mass gatherings, and never before done entertainment projects around the globe, for the last 30 years. With the lengthy resume of high-level entertainment projects and countless real-world disaster management experience under his belt, Rick has led the charge with keeping WMI Global contracted properties free of harm and mitigated crises, saving media producers millions in potential legal troubles. Rick has forged on by creating emergency medical education programs to service the next generation of medical professionals that take a step into risk management. In 2008 Rick came back into the Olympic theatre, but this time contracted by the International Olympic Committee tasked to replicate his safety coverage for cycling and skate disciplines. WMI Global’s Olympic resume became official at the 2016 Rio Olympiad, and has continued to provide the same elite care through the 2020 Tokyo Olympiad and beyond. These days Rick spends most of his time focusing on how to better serve those in need globally, and setting the company on new frontier trajectories in a new world that not only requires risk mitigation, but also infectious disease management. WMI Global continues to be at the innovative and critical thinking forefront of its industries with the emergence of film streaming and media mega-corporations such as Amazon Studios and Universal.