Community Events: WMI Globals long history covering community events goes back to the 1980’s with being the provider for the San Diego Marathon, Carlsbad 5000, and many other community events and runs throughout the San Diego County Region. WMI Global continues its coverage today as the official medical provider for the Ragnar Road Series, Ragnar Trail Series, Pac Crest Half Ironman, Race the Reaper, and many other Triathlons, Fun Runs, Obstacle Course and Mud Runs throughout North America and Europe. This area continues to grow as more and more people become active and like to compete in community style events; as it grows, so does WMI Global in this area as we are the only provider that can provide Professional Medical Operations and Professional Medical care to events across North America and Europe. WMI Global does not service your events with First Aid workers like our competition and Professional rates, we provide specialty trained medical Professionals that are experienced in both Emergency Medicine and Sports Medicine often for the same rate. WMI Global also is insured and follows all local laws and compliance with County and State EMS and Medical Board rules.